Strengthening collaborations for the greater good.


Red Horse Center for Collaborative Leadership is dedicated to strengthening collaborations for the greater good. We work with humans and horses, through mindful experiential learning and considerate leadership models to discover and empower positive change in the world.


The values we hold ourselves to and draw inspiration from to do our best work.
Choice, Respect, Trust, Non-violence, Mutual Benefit, Herd Dynamics, Softness

You’re invited to watch our introductory video which shares a bit of our history and mission. You can watch it here or click through to our Youtube channel, where we will update with more interesting videos from time to time.

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Our Team

Fred Bueltmann

Fred Bueltmann

is our herd manager, and an author and independent consultant on company culture, the ideals of the craft marketplace and the connected lifestyle. He has more than two decades of experience as an executive in the beverage industry including service at New Holland Brewing Companies and Bell’s Brewing Companies. Bueltmann is past president of the Michigan Brewers Guild and recipient of their prestigious Tom Burns Award, recognizing the pioneering spirit of the “Great Beer State.” In 2019 he authored a collaborative book, “A Rising Tide – Stories from the Michigan Brewers Guild.” Fred’s first book, The Beervangelist’s Guide to the Galaxy, was recognized as an Indie Book Award finalist. Fred shared his perspective in a TedX talk, “The Community of Collaboration” and regularly shares interviews and conversations on cultural shifts through his This Craft Nation project and podcast, and Michigan’s Great Beer State Podcast, which he produces. Fred is a musician, as well as an instructor in Schoolcraft College’s Brewing and Distilling program. Fred was first Eagala Certified in 2001 and specializes in equine-assisted Organizational Development.

Ulla Frederiksen
Ulla Frederiksen

Ulla Frederiksen MA., LLP

Ulla is a psychologist, group facilitator, teacher and artist. Her private practice, The Sundance Center, specializes in client centered, solution- oriented & trauma-informed therapy for Highly Sensitive People. She strives to create a safe, fun and non-judgmental space for insight and healing to take place. Ulla was Eagala certified in 2001 and advanced certified in 2010, when she began serving internationally as an Eagala trainer.

Jenny Atlee
Jenny Atlee
Equine Specialist

Jenny Atlee

Jenny has worked in Central America since 1984 in the areas of human rights, trauma and recovery and international policy with Witness for Peace, the Guatemalan Church in Exile, Nicaraguan Ministry of Social Welfare, AFSC and the Quixote Center. She is the author of Red Thread; A Spiritual Journal of Accompaniment, Trauma and Healing which chronicles her experiences in the war zones of Nicaragua during the U.S. sponsored contra war. She has worked with the herd at Sundance Center and Red Horse Ranch as equine specialist and has been Eagala Certified since 2017.

Our Herd

is currently made up of eight horses. They are big and little, young and old, and different breeds and colors, each with unique backgrounds and distinct personalities. We work together with them to keep a balanced herd, who feel supported through their work, and can intuitively offer different choices and experiences depending on what our clients need. They are definitely specialists in their fields, connecting to, inspiring and supporting people for many years. If you’d like to see more pictures of our herd and site, check out our gallery by hitting the button below.

COLLABORATIVE NETWORK | Our collection of partner organizations working together for horses and humans.



RHCCL advocates, teaches and mentors humans and horses; together or separate, through a considerate leadership model for the betterment of the world. RHCCL conducts Eagala Model workshops for team/organizational development, teaches our Horse and Human Collaboration skill- sets either to work with horses, or to draw leadership lessons from the experience.

Red Horse


Our twenty acre horse farm in Fennville, Michigan, home of Red Horse Center for Collaborative Leadership & The Sundance Center. Red Horse Ranch also
facilitates space rental for groups looking for a peaceful and grounded space for people to come together.


offers client centered, solution-oriented & trauma-informed Eagala Model therapy for Highly Sensitive People. It is owned and operated by Ulla Frederiksen MA, LLP, who offers individual therapy, as well as groups and workshops such as AHA! | Art & Horse Assisted Healing and Empowerment and Eagala Model Herd Mediations.



produces content and provides multi-media services such as writing, music, speaking and podcasting. It operates from Red Horse Ranch and is a frequent collaborator on various education series and branding and marketing efforts. Treehouse production projects include This Craft Nation & Michigan’s Great Beer State Podcast, The Strapping Owls and Great Lakes Brass.