The Red Horse Porch Party is an outdoor event with art, live music, horses, food, and drink. We have herd visits with our horses available in the early afternoon, along with collaborative art stations, spring weather, and fresh air. We’ll be serving food from Farmhouse Deli and beer and wine from local producers. We’ll have our Artful Auction where you can bid on local art, gift card bundles, and wonderful travel experiences. Live music from the Red Horse Ramblers, Great Lakes Brass, & the Max Lockwood Band. Herd visits and family hours begin at 2 pm. The live music kicks off at 5 pm

Contribute Items
to the Artful Auction

The Artful Auction continues to be a highlight of our Porch Party.  It’s fun to highlight the wonderful experiences and businesses around us, and share their generosity! 

The link below opens a form where you can enter your information directly into the auction site at Items will get categorized and approved on their way to the public site, so they may not appear immediately. We also may combine gift cards and experiences into bundles by location, or category. 

If web forms aren’t your thing, you can also email us or drop items off – whatever works for you. 

In the form ahead you’ll be asked to submit the item, value, description, and images. With respect to independent artists and entrepreneurs, donors may choose to retain a % of starting bid. Please identify in the description if you’d like to retain 25% or 50% of the starting bid to contribute to your time and costs.

Copying Items from previous years. We also have the opportunity to copy/resubmit from last year, so if you’d like to “wash, rinse, and repeat,’ email with instructions about which item, and we’ll copy it over to this year.



The Porch Party is one of the fundraising initiatives that make up the Spring Forward Support Drive, which also highlights Mental Health Awareness Month. Funds raised from this event will support several Red Horse programs in many ways, including: H.E.Y. Horses Empowering Youth, Horses for Hospitality, & Herd Support. 

We have event sponsorships, and auction sponsorships starting at $500, and category sponsorships at $1,000. 

The print deadline for the first-batch of posters is 4.15.2024



Wanna join the team?  We have a great crew of volunteers who help organize the event starting months ahead, and are also part of setup, tear down, and all of the roles you see on the day of the event.  

If you’d like to volunteer your time and talent, we’d love to hear from you.  

2 - 5 pm

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