Welcome to the Red Horse Online Learning Center

Red Horse has launched our Online Learning Center that includes interactive courses in an online learning management system (LMS.)  This includes a simple enrollment process, on a separate platform from this site.  You can access it directly at https://learn.redhorse.red or at the button below. 

Free Courses: Some courses are free to the public, which includes our “Red Horse Welcome Center.”  The welcome center is less of a course, and more of an easy-to-access collection of resources for those interested in learning more, or accessing information about Red Horse.  It includes directions, links to preparatory forms like our liability waiver, and other helpful tips.  We will also add some introductory courses in this category at no charge. 

Paid Courses:  We started the learning center with “Healing Culture through a Trauma-informed Lens – our inaugural online workshop.  This course can be taken individually at your own pace, or as a group, with synchronous elements like live-scheduled Zoom sessions for introduction and closure, or as an additional component to an in-person, equine-assisted version of the course. 

We will be offering several more courses over the winter, including Herd Leadership – Insight from trust-based, non-violent collaboration and Nurturing Your Herd – Mindful principles of Horse & Human Collaboration are on deck.


Trauma-informed principles as a paradigm shift for the care of self and others; professionally and personally. Discovering how to make these principles abundant for service providers, educators, and workplace culture.
This is a paid, self-guided, online course.

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