Red Horse Center for Collaborative Leadership is committed to strengthening collaborations for the greater good. We are focusing our efforts on supporting Social Change Organizations: groups working for positive change towards community equity and peace, and Community-based Teams: municipalities, government organizations, committees and teams who are charged with the responsibility of connecting to and supporting our communities.

In addition to our traditional fee-based services, we are fundraising through supporter donations, sponsorships and grant writing.  This support will contribute to a scholarship fund making this powerful work available to groups who need it, as well as help our ongoing operating expenses, especially in getting this project off the ground.

We are in the application process for 501(c)(3) status, which we hope to receive in Spring of 2021. Donations received prior to that status are welcome and appreciated, but are not tax-deductible at this time.

There is a fiscal sponsorship route available, so if you are considering a gift of $500 or more, and need a tax-deductible option through a 501(c)(3) – please reach out and we’ll discuss available options.