Red Horse is working year-round to contribute to equitable access to programming for mental health, wellness and workplace culture.  This work is supported from ongoing giving through grants, donations and sponsorships.  We have three support drives in the year, where our voice and request is amplified by National campaigns and events.  These support drives, shown below, have unique goals, participation perks, and partners. They may collect support in different platforms than our evergreen links.   Thanks for your support

Goose Fest to Giving Tuesday
October 14th - November 28th

We’re kicking off our Fall Support Drive at Goose Festival, celebrating and raising awareness and funds for our collaborative program with Fennville Public Schools.  All of our campaigns and freshly organized support initiatives are active and part of this drive, which will conclude on Giving Tuesday – November 28th, 2023. You’re support to any of these campaigns is greatly appreciated! 

This campaign receives supporting donations that are “undesignated gifts” and will be allocated to any or all initiatives. This is the most flexible support we can receive, which is very helpful. We will feature several other specific campaigns that may be audience or project-specific. If our efforts in these initiatives speak to your philanthropic objectives, we encourage you to explore those other campaigns.  

This campaign funds financial assistance to those engaging in services. This assistance can range from supporting our variable pricing format, partial costs, or fully funded sessions at no-cost to the participant. This funding is the driver for our goal of providing equitable access to mental health support and services, as well as personal and professional development. 

Horses Empowering Youth – Fennville is a fundraiser to cover facilitation costs for a suite of programs that provide trauma-informed experiential learning, mental health support, and leadership development for students, faculty, and staff. H.E.Y. includes facilitated workshops that work in collaboration with nature, art, dogs, and horses. 

Following successful pilot programs in the 2022-23 school year, Fennville Public Schools and Red Horse have created a plan for the 2023-24 school year, and are currently fundraising through grants, sponsorship, and donations to cover the facilitation costs. 

The Red Horse herd are specialists at what they do, which includes holding space and trauma for human healing. 

Red Horse is committed to providing whole-horse care in support of them, which recognizes their needs as specialists, aging horses and sometimes rescues with unique obstacles and trauma to move through. 

This campaign contributes directly to feed, supplements, hoof trimming veterinary, chiropractic and holistic care. 

Campaigns within the capacity building initiative will help us support our organizational infrastructure.  This can includes technical services, contracted professional assistance, staffing costs, training and other resources that help us develop our processes to serve. 

Wish Lists

Capital Campaigns

Red Horse Center for Collaborative Leadership is committed to strengthening collaborations for the greater good. We are focusing our efforts on supporting Social Change Organizations: groups working for positive change towards community equity and peace, and Community-based Teams: municipalities, government organizations, committees and teams who are charged with the responsibility of connecting to and supporting our communities.

RHCCL is recognized federally as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization eligible
to receive tax-deductible contributions and gifts.

Below are several “evergreen” links where you can share your energy and support all year long!

Thanks for checking it out, and if you aren’t donating today, perhaps you can share a link or a story with people you think should know about us.

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