Ulla Frederiksen
MA, Limited Licensed Psychologist & ARCH Certified Facilitator

Providing client centered, solution-oriented & trauma-informed therapy for Highly Sensitive Pe@ple

Who I Am:

I am a psychologist, group facilitator, teacher and artist. I live close to nature with horses, dogs, chickens, cats & goats and love to share this peaceful world. I strive to create a safe, fun and non-judgmental space for healing to take place. My goal is to bring peace, creativity and healing to you, and together we can bring peace, creativity and healing to our communities and the world.

 “I believe each individual has worth, dignity and the capacity for self-direction if given an empathic, non-judgmental and supportive environment” ~ Carl Rogers

My Philosophy:

(Adapted from Natalie Rogers person centered approach to Expressive Art Therapy.)

As a psychologist, equine therapy facilitator and therapeutic artist, my foundation is based in humanistic psychology training, trauma-informed practices, ARCH Model principles and Carl Rogers’ person-centered philosophy. I’m aware that starting therapy can be both a frightening, exhilarating or exhausting adventure. I will be present for you, but not intrusive. I believe that you know how to take care of yourself. I won’t be responsible for you or take over your power, nor will I abandon you. I will respect you and your decisions for yourself. I believe in your abilities and will support you and encourage you. I may challenge you and your belief system at times, but I will always respect you. I will encourage you to try new things, to take risks into the unknown, but I will never push you. I will offer you experiential equine-assisted therapy and therapeutic art to help you to discover your inner essence and make your unique choices. You are free not to use these therapies. At times, I will give you my opinion and feedback, but I will always check it out to see if it’s meaningful to you. I will honor my own boundaries and yours, to the best of my ability. I will share my values and belief systems with you, so you’ll know why I’m saying and doing what I say and do. I am open to learning from you at all times. I make mistakes, do things I’m not pleased with, and I may be misguided at times. In such instances, I will say so and apologize to you.

Ulla Frederiksen

My Education:

I am a Limited License Psychologist (since 1993) and founded my private practice, The Sundance Center in 2001. I graduated with my Master’s in Psychology from the Center for Humanistic Studies (now Michigan School of Psychology) in Detroit. Prior to that I graduated from Eastern Michigan University with a double major in Fine Arts and Psychology. In 2001 I was certified by the Equine Assisted Growth and Learning Association and obtained my advanced certification in 2009. This allowed me to partner with horses to help people. In 2018, I started a self-directed study of therapeutic art and have now added that to my practice as well. In addition to my private practice, I’m also co-creator of Arenas for Change (ARCH), a world wide organization that support and educate professionals who incorporate horses in mental health, organizational development, and education. I am supervised by Dan Klainer, PhD. of Kalamazoo, Michigan and mentored by ARCH founder and CEO Lynn Thomas, LCSW.


Continuing Education:

Annual Eagala conferences (Equine Assisted Growth and Learning Association) (2002-current):

I’ve attended and presented at this conference almost annually since 2002. Here’s just a few of the topics covered: Neuropsychology, Jungian dream work, art therapy, grief and loss, trauma, working with veterans, ethics, working with Highly Sensitive People, Motivational Interviewing, LGBTQ populations, and many many more over 16 years of attendance.

NIACBM (National Institute for the Clinical Application of Behavioral Medicine) (2018):

Treating Trauma Masters Series; online seminars with Peter Levine, Pat Ogden, Bessel Van der Kolk, Ron Siegel & more

The BREATHE Network (2018):

Embodied Healing: Trauma-informed Yoga and Meditation for Survivors of Sexual Assault

Trauma-informed practices and Expressive Arts Institute (2018):

Trauma-informed Art Therapy and Trauma-informed Expressive Arts Therapy

The American Art Therapy Association (2018):

Art Therapy and Ethics

Art Therapy Theory, Practice and Techniques

“Psychotherapy and the Highly Sensitive Person” Elaine Aron (2016): passed the test to be listed as an HSP-knowledgable Professional on Elaine Aron’s website (research psychologist, author and creator of the Highly Sensitive term)

Stormy May (2017): Compassionate Communication with Horses – a mindfulness course.

Spirit Horse Festival (1st annual in New Zealand 2016): Native American spirituality, yoga and mindfulness, dialogue and consent with horses


Humanistic counseling for Highly Sensitive People (HSP) age 15 and older. We will go at your pace and I will hold space for you to heal from trauma and address experiences common to HSPs, such as anxiety, depression, perfectionism and co-dependency. My style is casual, intuitive and holistic, meaning that we’ll look at all aspects of your life to find your solutions. We can meet at the Tree House for a talk session, do an ARCH model horse session, therapeutic art expression or we can talk via zoom. Your choice.


Expressing yourself through art provides an alternative way to communicate difficult feelings and project your inner life outside yourself. Therapeutic art can reach the subconscious for improved self awareness and insights, provide release for pent up emotions, and it may help bypass our internal censors and resistance to healing. Art can help solve problems, promote hope and creativity elsewhere in your life – and it can be a lot of fun! You don’t have to have artistic ability to benefit. Disclaimer: I’m not a certified/registered Art Therapist but I have a combination of training, continuing education and art experiences to confidently offer this kind of therapy. 


ARCH Model mental health and personal growth with horses is an experiential approach to therapy involving ground-based activities with horses. Through interacting with horses, you will be able to find your unique solutions and discover real and lasting change. We use a team approach and partner with our herd of 8 horses. This model is choice oriented, trauma-informed and takes place in a safe and non-judgmental environment. 



“I immediately was able to put into practice what I learned and have found it so valuable in my understanding of trauma and how to use the principles we learned, not only with my clients, but with anyone I deal with in general! “

Trauma-informed care is transformative, resonant and achievable! Throughout this workshop, I experienced change in my every day and professional life. Thank you, Red Horse Center, for inspiring honest, restorative change within ourselves to benefit our communities and world. I recommend this workshop to the curious, hesitant and brave alike. Everyone is met where they are and welcome to grow at their own pace.

“I would highly recommend the Red Horse W.O.W. training. The Red Horse Staff was highly professional and personable. Including the horses in the training really helped me retain the information as an interactive learner over learning solely by lecture.”

“Red Horse provides a unique and authentic natural environment as a platform for collaboration and professional development. It was an unforgettable and meaningful experience outside of my normal day-to-day to work with others on finding ways to make health care settings be about caring for and honoring differences.”

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