Discovering Your Herd Workshops

for Organizations, Teams and Businesses

We offer experiential workshops with horses designed to provide valuable insight about group dynamics and finding solutions for existing challenges. Participants will engage in individual or group activities that include horses. The activities are designed to illicit natural responses and patterns of behavior from the participants. We offer several workshops for different types of organizations and custom-tailor them to suit. No horsemanship skills are necessary, and the workshop does not include any riding whatsoever.

Social Change

Social Change Organizations

If you know a tireless hero or an organization made up of a whole bunch of them; people working for positive societal change and for essential community causes, they need us to realize something important:

Community Based Teams

Community-based Teams

Community based teams like municipalities, Chamber of Commerce, Governmental departments and other groups made up of people who shoulder the responsibility of delivering support, connections and services to their communities.

Business Seeking Change

Business Seeking Change

Businesses are groups of people with diverse skills and backgrounds, brought together to work as a team, bringing the organizations mission and vision to life.

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Organizational Scholarships are available – Click here to submit your request.


“Peaceful Space for powerful work”

Retreats are gatherings “away from it all,” for a group of people to set aside day-to-day routines, and invite fresh perspective. They vary from workshops slightly as they may also be multi-day collection of activities and workshops.

Retreats may feature experts from other fields as guest hosts with their own agenda or collaborative presenters with Red Horse. They can be private or public events for sale through their own organizations.

They are similar to private rentals listed separately here.


Our covered pavilion-style arena is almost 9,000 square feet and sits just up the hill from “The Treehouse,” our retreat center with meeting space for forty-plus people, two ADA bathrooms and a bucolic, wrap-around porch that looks out into the rolling, peaceful landscape.

Treehouse Productions is a working multi-media studio space located within the Treehouse, which can be rented or hired for artists and groups interested in writing, recording or producing their work in this secluded setting.

The space can also be rented for family events and celebrations, subject to availability which is prioritized for retreat work.

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