We believe in training and working with horses in a collaborative, non-violent paradigm that moves forward from some of the old-school techniques that included dominance, punishment and pain as incentive to work for humans.
These methods contribute to a willing collaboration built on a foundation of choice, trust, respect, and mutual benefit. We share this model with horse people from beginner to advanced in any discipline, including herd management principles to nurture an Eagala Model therapeutic herd.
It is equally compelling to draw from these lessons in language, leadership and collaboration and apply them to our human relationships and context. Fred speaks on the topic, and offers opportunities for individuals and professional organizations to explore leadership skills learned from this powerful example of positive reinforcement which strengthens teams and leaders, while it softens and improves communication and morale.

Nurturing a Therapeutic Herd

Mindful principles of Horse & Human Collaboration

Fred has presented on how to incorporate a collaborative and supportive approach to managing your equine herd for therapeutic work. His presentations culminated in printing the Equine Collaborator’s Bill of Rights, featured below and available in our store. Fred and the Red Horse team are available for private consults and farm visits to help you support your herd and continue to develop them as specialized professionals in equine-assisted practices.

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