Red Horse Belt Buckle


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When we talk about Horse and Human Collaboration, we talk about “minding our belt buckle…”  It is how we connect our visual intentions of where we want to go, or where we want to send our energy with our physical.  Our “belt buckle” represents the image of a cable, or laser pointer coming from our core.  It centers and clarifies our focus and posture.


Belt buckles are also really cool – so we wanted one, and we wanted you to have one too!

Set up on these is a bit tricky, so we’re doing this as a pre-order only.  As soon as we have ten ordered, we’ll get things in motion and you’ll have your buckle a couple-few weeks after that.  If you’d like to wait and see, as soon as we get our minimum met, there will be more available for order.

$50 per buckle



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